Where are Gucci Bags Made?

Many people ask me, where are Gucci bags made? Well the answer is simple, but I would first like to provide you with some background information. Guccio Gucci the founder of the house of Gucci, began the business as a saddle business. His attention to detail made his business grow, and as any smart business man, Gucci changed as the world changed. Guccio Gucci founded the label in 1921. He introduced the bamboo handle handbag, a company mainstay, in the late '40s. Guccio's first talent was his craftsmanship in leather goods. He started out selling leather bags to horsemen in the 1920’s and progressed to luxury luggage as his clients graduated from equine transportation to horseless carriages. So, all authentic Gucci bags are made in Italy.

Online auctions are also available for the novice and professional handbag collectors. Online retailers haven't got the overhead that most bricks and mortar outlets have, so they are able to pass on the savings to you via discount designer bags.

GUCCI handbag Jackie O style 137335 in the traditional design of Jackie O's legacy with a contemporary updated fabric and clasp. Striped woven fabric with natural saddle leather trim. Gucci handbags are available in many places around the world. There are about 425 Gucci-operated stores worldwide and its products are also sold through franchisees, upscale department stores, boutiques and online retailers. Gucci Handbags are now among the most sought after handbags today. Find the right Gucci handbag for you.

Gucci handbag measures approximately 14 W x 9 H with a 5.5 inch depth. The double leather strap handles measure about 17 inches long with a 6 inch drop. Gucci handbag measures approximately 13 W x 8 H with a 5 inch depth. The strap handles measure about 16 inches long with a 7 inch drop. Gucci handbag features a beige and brown horse bit design with a metallic gold tone leather trim and light gold hardware. Hope this article gave you some good history about Gucci and where Gucci bags are made.