Genna De Rossi Handbags

I recently ran into a few real stylish Genna De Rossi handbags. I must say that these are very reasonably priced handbags and they have a lot of WOW factor for the money.

Most of the handbags I found were man made fabrics. I tried to find a bag for normal everyday use but also a bag I can wear on events and parties. I wanted vibrant colors and it should look trendy. I was surprised to see so many mainstream bags that have a lot of cool details.

So what Genna De Rossi handbag did I pick? I went for a Genna De Rossi Pastel Print Handbag. It has a logo on the front and a zipping compartment. It is simple but still good looking. Inside there are 2 picked and one zip compartment. The best thing about this bag is the color, champagne! I just love it and for that low price I can treat it like a spare bag and if I ruin it I just get another.

Here are a few Genna De Rossi handbags you can have a look at:

Genna De Rossi Metallic Brown Patent Leather Handbag Hobo Retro Genna De Rossi Metallic Brown Patent Leather Handbag Hobo Retro

Best Price Found: US $12.99

As you might have noticed im a bagoholic and cant get enough handbags. Some people collect shoes and I collect handbags. For all of you who want a cheap designer bag that looks good, I would have a look on the Genna De Rossi handbags. There are several to choose from and should fit most styles. Just make sure you pick a bag you like and don’t focus so much on what others think.